Charlie Chaplin Collection 22 Movies

Kid Auto Race in Venice 1914

Between Showers 1914

Between Showers 1914

Dough and Dynamite 1914

A Film Johnnie 1914

Mabel's Married Life 1914

Shanghaied 1915

The Bank 1915

Work 1915

By The Sea 1915

A Night in The Show 1915

Police 1916

The Immigrant 1917

The Adventurer 1917

The Kid 1921

Pay Day 1922

A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate 1923

The Gold Rush 1925

The Circus 1928

City Lights 1931

Modern Times 1936

The Great Dictator 1940

The Great Dictator (Mirror)

His New Profession 1974


Anonymous said...

Man, you rock!

Anonymous said...

The movie in the second set of links for Great Dictator is a better qualty rip.

Manlio said...

tu est le meilleur!!!

Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν said...

What can i say about that blog, one of the best!Thank you! Keep share your TREASURES!

Nguyen said...

thanks a lot :x

garak said...

Thanks! I'm thrilled about this links!
But I see one mistake:
The movie "His New Profession" didn't make in 1974, but in 1914.

And you already do have this movie on the list, with the same links - "His New Profession" is also known as "Helping Himself" or
"The Good for Nothing "


ranjith_asp said...

Hey dude.. Please update "Modern Times".. The links are no longer alive..

Ur collection really roxxx....

ranjith_asp said...

Refer this for Modern Times

Amin said...

All links are dead :( , Could u plz refer me to a new links? I should say this is an excellent blog dude...

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Ensamble52 said...

Links are dead. Would you please post them again?

Anonymous said...

Haven't copy none yet, but surely is a beautiful collection.
Thanks for posting. I will be back.

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