From Here to Eternity (1953)





Anonymous said...

Strong heroic classic movie in the this impressive most processing
of first the film that saw,
very I used to/would want to know his name to whom that knows!!! Please!!!
Apparently that before 1985 I saw the same he

He on big war of Tatrim or Mongolim, and maybe other, I am not sure,
i remember one scene, person that heavens in the pit
In entirety inside the sand, and only his head is outdoor,
And doesn't can move, And put in him several swords from all
his cervical sides, and that he there will be tired his head will fall,
and stab from the swords and died,

the film appear with scenes of war are very
beautiful with thousands of horses & swords etc... ',
also there is a quarrel between the nations and the king is dismissed there


Anonymous said...


I hope all the links are good cause I'm gonna snag this one. Hey! With comments like that, who can refuse!!!

Where have all the interpreters gone?
Or what!

hansjpanz said...

Hi there, Classic!

Well, your site sure is an instant classic, many thanks for all the great work you're doing putting these out to your fellow movie buffs!

Could you please re-upload the following links that are down?

From Here to Eternity (1953)

Another request, you wouldn't happen to have access to 'The Bad and the Beautiful', the 1952 Vincente Minnelli classic in which Kirk Douglas gloriously portrays an amoral and corrupt studio boss (rumoured to be the portrayal of movie mogul Darryl F. Zanuck)? (
Or to any classic blaxploitation / grindhouse films like the works Jack Hill and consorts?

Maybe have a look at the following link if you're looking for some inspired classic cult films:

Please do send a reply to let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Brussels ;=)

Yankeefan said...

What is The Password?

Yankeefan said...

What Is the Password?

Anonymous said...

Could you give us the password, PLEASE?

Thanks in advance,


Yankeefan said...

I downloaded all the files on the page, and there was no password, I hate that, so I found these links:

hansjpanz said...

Thanks a bunch, Yankeefan!
Much obliged ;=)

felix said...

the password is storno

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the password! The first dl I did from here part 6 is no longer available. Than I dl the second RS set and no password! WTF?

IKt does suck to waste bandwith dl these files when the editor can't even give you a password with the post!

Anonymous said...

storno is NOT the password!!! what IS the password?
how stupid can somebody be to upload without mentioning the password

Anonymous said...

For files FH2E.part01.rar to FH2E.part15.rar the password is storno... I made it.

If you have problems maybe try to repair the file 06 with "repair files in tools" on the winrar program.


Giorgio Murillo
Costa Rica