Touch of Evil (1958)




Roberto said...

My english is poor, but I want to thank you for these post. I have been looking for these film for a long time.

Un abrazo


Anonymous said...

TNX for bringing up All these classical movies that made movies into cinema.

Anonymous said...


i am working my way back through the decades, and i just want you to know your site is a great help!

Keep up the good work and thanks for all these great movies.

Pike said...

Thank you very much. One of the best movies EVER!
Keep up this fantastic blog!

Pike said...

I wonder if you have beautiful, forgotten movie from 1969, Brotherly Love with Peter O'Toole and Susanah York.? In same cases, the title is Country Dance
Tanx in advance!

pearlyriver said...

Hi. The links have been removed. Can you please reupload them? Thank you very much for your generous sharing of classic movies.